I work as Software Developer in Oracle's Linux Kernel Engineering group where I focus on enterprise storage technologies (SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS, etc.).

Prior to Oracle I worked as Sr. Engineer at Wild Open Source for three and a half years. I spent most of my time at WOS bouncing back and forth between Hewlett–Packard and Silicon Graphics. I worked on the base operating system for HP's XC clustering product and the Altix kernel for SGI.

For two and a half years I was Staff Scientist with Linuxcare in Ottawa, Canada. My main responsibility was aiding major original equipment manufacturers in getting their products working with Linux. I was involved in the initial operating system development on HP's Itanium 2-based Integrity machines and I helped SGI port the XFS filesystem to Linux. I also worked on SCSI and Fibre Channel drivers, RAID and volume management, multipathing, sound driver development and X server debugging on IA-64.

From 1995 to 2000 I was head of the IC1&2 computing department at Aalborg University in Denmark. I also developed the GNOME Display Manager, helped bootstrap the PA-RISC Linux port, and co-founded the Danish SunSITE.

I studied physics and computer science at Aarhus University.


data integrity
The Linux Data Integrity Project.
A high-performance journaling file system.
pa-risc linux
Linux port to the Hewlett–Packard PA-RISC architecture.
ForteMedia FM801 OSS Lite sound driver for Linux 2.4.
The Gnome Display Manager. I authored all versions until 2.0 beta4.
A Linux version of the fstyp command found in most commercial Unices. fstyp can be used to heuristically detect which filesystem type a block device contains.
RPM Toolkit
Some handy perl scripts for merging and building RPM repositories.
GIT treesCode & patches
My homepage at Oracle.

papers & presentations

Oracle Open World 2011: An Integrated End-to-End Data Integrity Solution for Oracle Products
LinuxCon 2010: Linux and Advanced Storage Technologies
Linux Symposium 2009: I/O Topology
Linux Storage & Filesystems Workshop 2009: I/O Topology
Open Source Days 2008: Linux Data Integrity
Linux Plumbers Conference 2008: Linux Data Integrity
Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008: DIF, DIX and Linux Data Integrity
Linux Storage & Filesystems Workshop 2008: Linux Data Integrity
Linux Storage & Filesystems Workshop 2007: Logical Block Guarding
Linux Symposium 2009: I/O Topology
Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008: Linux Data Integrity Extensions
Article published in Enterprise Open Source Magazine, January 2008: Proactively Preventing Data Corruption
design documents
DIX: Data Integrity Extensions for I/O Controllers
DIX: Data Integrity Extensions for I/O Controllers
DIF/DIX Aware Linux SCSI HBA Interface
Linux & Advanced Storage Interfaces

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