Album: gig-organs

Many people chop their Hammond organs to make gigging logistics easier. However, in my experience it's better to leave the cabinet as one piece and just shave off excess weight where you can.

Inspired by what Sal Azzarelli had done to my A-101, I recently stripped down Kevin Dean's gig organ - a Hammond A-101 - to make it lighter and easier to move. And when I was done with Kevin's organ I redid my own to look just the same.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of Kevin's A-101 before I started sawing, but here's a picture of how it looked at a gig I played on it a couple of years ago.

And here's how it looks now...

Twins separated at birth
Kevin's A-101 to the left, mine to the right.
Open backs
Speaker baffles and power amps removed. Custom coroplast back cover velcroed on for easy field service.
Hookup detail
Connector box flipped 180 degrees. Convenient hook for A/C cable. Trek II line out box.
Reverb detail.
Painted and velcroed cardboard cover for Accutronics spring reverb. Corner bracing to stabilize cabinet.
Pilot view
Trek II tremolo switch / pedal switch to the left. Velcro halfmoon to the right.
Kevin's gig A-101
Ready to go.
Martin's gig A-101
Played a gig the same night.
Leslies for testing.
251 with 6H hookup, 31H with 32H Series III amp.
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